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Some word from the phone call participants.

Via The Meaningful Collateral, an IU-centric general sports blog that is a long-overdue addition to my blogroll, the Cincy Enquirer has talked to Kenny Frease, one of the recruits mentioned in the NCAA notice. Frease, from Massillon, Ohio, is Xavier-bound. Here's what he says:

The NCAA alleges that during the calls, Senderoff would hand the phone to Sampson, a violation of his restrictions. Frease said he spoke with an NCAA investigator in the past three to four weeks about the calls, which occurred between May 25, 2006, and May 24, 2007, according to the report.

"When the NCAA guy came out and we talked to him, the biggest thing I remembered was Senderoff would call and he'd hand the phone to Coach Sampson and we'd talk for a few minutes," Frease said. "I just told him what I remembered about the calls."

Unreal. Fire this man and the feckless AD who tainted our university by hiring him. And fire Adam Herbert, too, even though he retired last year.