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The soap opera continues.

The Hoosier Scoop reports that WTHR, the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, is reporting that Sampson is not expected to coach at Northwestern Saturday and that Dan Dakich will be the interim coach for the remainder of the season. The key paragraph:
[WTHR's Rich] Nye quotes the "source close to the situation" as saying that by Friday afternoon, Sampson and the university will likely reach a financial settlement ending his employment or will be suspended pending termination under the terms of his contract.
Per an amendment at the top of the Hoosier Scoop post linked above, a "source close to the athletic department" says that WTHR's report "is not completely accurate." I don't know what that means. The WTHR report is fully of qualifying language such as "likely" and "is expected." Does IU's sorta-denial mean that Sampson is expected to coach Saturday, or that Dakich isn't likely to be the interim coach? Probably not. IU is just trying to keep the story under control. The Nye report implies that Sampson is in financial negotiations with IU, which is good. Also, a suspension tomorrow wouldn't prevent the parties from continuing to negotiate. As always, stay tuned.