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Announcement today re: investigation.

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Per Hoosier Scoop and various other sources, IU president Michael McRobbie will announce the details of the investigation into the NCAA's latest allegations. None of the articles lists a time, so it's not clear if the president will speak or if this will be in the nature of a written press release. The Indianapolis Star has some additional detail. It is expected that the investigation will take "days." AD Rick Greenspan will make a recommendation to the president. If IU decides to fire Sampson for cause, he is entitled to some sort of a 10 day appeals process, during which he would be suspended. I'm going to take a closer look at Sampson's contract today. But right now, a few things seem clear: first, it seems pretty plain from all of the developments since the disclosure that IU is going to try to fire Sampson for cause; it also seems likely, based upon the supposed outline of this investigation, that Rick Greenspan, who hired Sampson in the first place despite his NCAA issues, will weather the storm, at least for now. He will be involved in the decision whether to fire Sampson, and if he's involved in that, I presume he will be hiring Sampson's successor. Finally, it seems certain that Sampson will coach the team Saturday night against Michigan State.