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The plot thickens.

Like NBC's ER, the melodrama gets ever more unrealistic, except this is really happening. Hoosier Scoop (see sidebar and below for the link, I'm rushed) reports that six Hoosiers (DJ White, Armon Bassett, Deandre Thomas, Brandon McGee, and Jordan Crawford) are not at practice. If my math is correct, that means that four active scholarship players (Eric Gordon, Lance Stemler, Mike White, and former walkon Kyle Taber) are practicing, along with walkons Brett Finkelmeier and Adam Ahlfeld and the ostensibly injured Eli Holman. I'm not jumping to any conclusions, and there are any number of innocent explanations, but this is worth following. Per the H-T, Ray McCallum is also absent, and Dan Dakich is leading the practice, and made a statement at the beginning of practice that seemed to confirm that Sampson is out and Dakich is in.