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More Illinois stuff.

No, not Eric Gordon stuff, but the actual game. Taking a quick look at the team's Pomeroy profiles, here's what we find:
IU's strengths:
  • productive shooting (53.9 effective FG% (#37 nationally)
  • offensive rebounding (37%, #49)
  • defensive rebounding (#18)
  • blocking shots (#33 by percentage)
  • getting to the line (#19 in free throw rate
  • two point field goal defense (43.2%, #26)
  • shooting defense (45.2 EFG, #45)
IU's weaknesses:
  • offensive turnover percentage (20.6, #121)
  • defensive turnover percentage (20.8, #195)
Illinois's strengths:
  • field goal defense (30.8 three point percentage (#28) and 44.5 from two (#47)
  • offensive rebounding (38 percent, #23)
  • defensive rebounding (#81)
Illinois's weaknesses:
  • productive shooting (48.3 effective FG%, #228 nationally)
  • Getting to the line (#270 in free throw rate)
  • shooting free throws (60%, #330)
  • three point shooting (30 percent, #321)
  • forcing turnovers (#221 in TO%, #307 in steal %)

Really, IU doesn't have many glaring weaknesses compared to Illinois. Other than defensive turnover rate, IU is in the top have of Division I in every quality-based measure. Unfortunately, IU's biggest problem in recent losses, making baskets, plays in to Illinois's only real strength, field goal defense. Illinois does not shoot well from anywhere, but particularly not from the line or from three point range. Fouls, as long as IU isn't in foul trouble, won't necessarily hurt. This might be a good game to give Taber, Deandre, Mike White, and Brandon McGee ample minutes and ample fouls. I can't say I'm looking forward to this game, but it will be interesting to see if a Sampson-led team can finally have an explosive offensive performance against Illinois.