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More eventful than it looked.

I'm sure that at least some media know-nothings will criticize IU president Michael McRobbie for not hauling Sampson on to the stage in shackles and chopping his head off. Some more perceptive media types might justifiably criticize McRobbie for not beginning this process on Monday. Nevertheless, make no mistake about IU's endgame here: the procedures vaguely referenced by McRobbie are found within a paragraph entitled "Procedures for Termination for Just Cause." That paragraph provides for a suspension without pay if the athletic director recommends termination for just cause but is silent on suspensions with pay during the investigation. Wisely, IU is taking no step that isn't expressly described in the contract. IU is willing to accept a week or so of discomfort in an effort to save about $2.5 million. That seems like the right decision.