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Knight roundup.

I'm not going to cover the Knight story to death (my goodness, between the Knight retirement and Eric Gordon's trip to Champaign, Musberger and Lavin probably won't even notice the basketball game transpiring in front of them), but did want to provide some links:
  • the Texas Tech blog Double-T Nation has lots of thoughtful coverage of the issue. For those of you who haven't followed Knight career at TT closely (that includes me), DTN's Monday night post provides some background about Knight's recruiting and the like.
  • In Big Ten circles, Black Heart Gold Pants (Iowa) weighs in favorably and the Buckeye Blog (OSU, obviously), less favorably. Just a reminder to our Ohio brethren: Knight was a Buckeye before he was a Hoosier. How were we to teach him any manners after four years in Columbus. He did throw a chair, but at least it wasn't on fire.
  • The Louisville Courier-Journal has an article quoting former players and current IU officials about the possibility of IU honoring Knight. All seem to agree that it would be appropriate, but both IU AD Greenspan and assistant AD Kit Klingelhoffer (who has been at IU for nearly 40 years) seem pessimistic about it happening anytime soon.