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IU against Big Ten NCAA Tournament teams on the road, 1985-1994.

Yesterday, I listed IU's results against Big Ten teams that qualified for the NCAA Tournament. It wasn't pretty. The Hoosiers have won only three such games in the last 13 seasons. The cutoff I chose was 1994, which was Bob Knight's last Sweet 16 team. To determine how noteworthy that 3-46 record is, I figured I better compare it to the ten years prior, from 1985 (the first year of the 64-team tournament and the first year that "NCAA Tournament team" came to mean what it means now). Here goes:
Ohio State L 84-86
Michigan State L 61-68
Michigan W 87-62
Purdue L 52-62
Michigan L 52-83
Michigan State W 97-79
Iowa L 69-79
Illinois W 61-60
Purdue L 68-85
Purdue L 64-75
Michigan W 85-84
Illinois L 67-69
Ohio State W 92-80
Iowa L 88-101
Purdue L 85-95
Illinois W 75-74
Michigan L 72-92
Iowa L 70-84
Iowa L 70-87
Minnesota W 75-62
Illinois L 65-75
Michigan W 71-70
Purdue L 49-72
Illinois L 65-70
Michigan State L 66-72
Minnesota L 89-108
Michigan L 71-79
Ohio State L 67-69
Purdue W 65-62
Ohio State L 95-97
Iowa W 99-79
Michigan State W 62-56
Iowa W 64-60
Michigan State L 60-76
Ohio State W 86-80
Michigan L 60-68
Purdue W 74-65
Iowa W 73-66
Michigan W 76-75
Illinois W 83-79
Michigan L 67-91
Illinois L 81-88
Purdue L 76-83
Michigan State L 78-94
Minnesota L 56-106
Wisconsin DNP
  • The record: 17-28.
  • I thought about making the cut-off after 1993, Knight's last great team. That would have resulted in a record of 17-23 before the cutoff and 3-51 after.
  • I often contended that because of the absence of a championship during that stretch, 1991-1993 is the most underrated stretch of Knight's career. During those 3 seasons, Knight was 9-3 on the road against Big Ten NCAA qualifiers.
  • Even some of the less remarkable teams of this era did okay: 1985 (NIT) 1-3; 1986 (first round loss) 2-3; 1988 (first round loss) 1-3. Only the 1990 team, one of Knight's few seasons with a losing record in the conference, and the 1994 team, the beginning of the end, were shut out.

I don't know if it is cause or effect, but if IU wins at Michigan State, we may finally be putting the worst years behind us.