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Indiana 72, Ohio State 69.

Here's the box score. Not a pretty game statistically. As has been pointed out elsewhere, IU created a bunch of open shots in the first half but could not make many. IU was 3-16 from behind the arc in the first half and didn't take any memorably bad shots. The pace was fairly fast (68 possessions per), and this wasn't a shooting exhibition for anyone. Eric Gordon had a particularly rough game. Although he scored 17 points, he was 4-16 from the field and had 7 turnovers. IU rebounded 19 of its 42 misses, and forced 16 OSU turnovers.
Not really a memorable game. IU, despite poor shooting in the first half, took advantage of even worse OSU shooting to take a big lead, and held on for the rest of the game. We'll take them however they come these days, I guess, and hope that the Hoosiers can end their long East Lansing losing streak on Sunday.