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Big Ten Bloggers poll, week 7.

1. Purdue (21-5, 12-1). Last week: 1. Purdue became the prohibitive favorite with its win over MSU and IU's loss to Wisconsin.
2. Wisconsin (21-4, 11-2). Last week: 3. I'm not yet sold on the Badgers, but a sweep is a sweep.
3. Indiana (21-4, 10-2). Last week: 2. After a tough week and a tough loss to Wisconsin, IU played its best game of the year against MSU.
4. Michigan State (20-5, 8-4). Last week: 4. The disappointing Spartans need all of the top three to fall apart to have a chance.
5. Ohio State (17-9, 8-5). Last week: 5. The Buckeyes can save their NCAA bid with remaining home games against Purdue, Wisconsin, and MSU, but the loss to Michigan will be tough to overcome.
6. Minnesota (15-9, 5-7). Last week: 6. Wait 'til next year.
7. Michigan (8-17, 4-9). Last week: 9. The Wolverines showed a little life with a home win against Penn State.
8. Penn State (12-12, 4-8). Last week: 8. The sweep over Illinois gave the Lions a respectable week.
9. Iowa (11-15, 4-9). Last week: 7. The loss to Michigan is tough to stomach.
10. Illinois (11-15, 3-10). Last week: 10. Nice win at Minnesota, followed by a loss to Penn State.
11. Northwestern (7-16, 0-12). Last week: 11. For a minute, they looked like they might make the Purdue game interesting.