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Big Ten Bloggers poll, week 6.

As I said yesterday, I'll take a look at schedules of the contenders sometime early this week.

1. Purdue (19-5, 10-1). Last week: 2. I don't know how anyone could put anyone else here. Purdue leads the conference and is the only team with a road win against one of the top four.
2. Indiana (20-3, 9-1). Last week: 3. IU won a really challenging game at Illinois and handed OSU its first road loss. The Hoosiers, with MSU, PSU, and Northwestern remaining, should do no worse than 7-2 on the road in conference.
3. Wisconsin (19-4, 9-2). Last week: 1. The Badgers are undefeated against everyone but Purdue, but they are the first of the top four to lose a home game.
4. Michigan State (20-3, 8-2). Last week: 4. Michigan State can jump back in to the race this week with road games at Purdue and IU, but probably needs to win both to have a chance at the conference title.
5. Ohio State (16-8, 7-4). Last week: 5. OSU seems destined for best of the rest status, but the Buckeyes still have a few opportunities for signature wins.
6. Minnesota (15-7, 5-5). Last week: 6. Minnesota is holding on but needs quite a run to make the NCAA.
7. Iowa (11-14, 4-8). Last week: 7. Tough week for Iowa, and as PJS noted, quite a sloppy effort at the Barn.
8. Penn State (11-12, 3-8). Last week: 8. It gets ugly from here to the end.
9. Michigan (6-17, 2-9). Last week: 10. The Wolverines showed a little life with a home win against Penn State.
9. Illinois (10-14, 2-9). Last week: 9. I'm not sure where Illinois can go from here. They can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.
11. Northwestern (7-14, 0-10). Last week: 11. The worst Big Ten team in years.