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Big Ten Bloggers poll, week 5.

Quite an interesting weekend in the Big Ten. While anything can happen, for now it appears to be a three-team race for the Big Ten title. Of the top 4, IU, Purdue, and Wisconsin each have one road loss to a top 4 team. MSU has lost two games to teams that won't sniff the NCAA Tournament. The Spartans are good enough to beat any of the top 3 on the road, and that's exactly what MSU will have to do to have a chance. Holding serve at home won't be enough.

1. Wisconsin (18-3, 8-1). Last week: 2. This was a tough call, but the Badgers dominated IU for most of the game and avoided a letdown at the Barn yesterday.

2. Purdue (17-5, 8-1). Last week: 1. Purdue played well against Illinois but nearly gacked up a home game against Iowa. They still have as good a chance as anyone to win the conference.

3. Indiana (18-3, 7-1). Last week: 4. IU mostly was kicked around by the Badgers and played terrible defense in a 12 point home win against Northwestern, but they didn't lose to Penn State, at least.
4. Michigan State (19-3, 7-2). Last week: 3. Tom Izzo must be beside himself. MSU was the preseason favorite but has looked bad on the road so far.
5. Ohio State (15-7, 6-3). Last week: 5. That loss at Iowa probably took OSU out of the running for the championship, but OSU still ought to make the tournament.
6. Minnesota (13-7, 3-5). Last week: 6. Tubby has done a nice job in year one, but Minnesota now has lost its home games against IU, Wisconsin, and MSU. The Gophers probably needed one of those to make the NCAA Tournament.
7. Iowa (11-12, 4-6). Last week: 7. Like Minnesota, the Hawkeyes are competing admirably under a new coach, and could make the NIT if they continue to play well.
8. Penn State (11-10, 3-6). Last week: 9. Many teams would pack it in after losing a player like Claxton, but the Lions have had some nice moments over the last couple of weeks, including a competitive game at IU and Saturday's epic upset of MSU.
9. Illinois (10-13, 2-8). Last week: 8. Bruce Weber has spit the bit. He needs to stop feeling sorry for himself about losing Eric Gordon and find a way to win with the team he has. Unfortunately, I expect the Illini to play their game of the year this Thursday.
10. Michigan (5-16, 1-8). Last week: 10. It could be worse, they could be Northwestern.
11. Northwestern (7-12, 0-8). Last week: 11. It's worse. Really, NU had a solid week, beating Texas-Pan American in a non-conference matchup and hanging with IU for most of the game before losing by 12 for the Wildcats' eighth double digit loss in as many Big Ten games.