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Bennett seems to be the talking heads' choice.

I haven't had much luck finding Seth Davis-style prognostication thus far in the coaching search. While not claiming any insight into the process, Andy Katz of ESPN (on TV but also even before Sampson was let go) and Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News are promoting Bennett. DeCourcy is downright apocalyptic about it:

Indiana can tap-dance all it wants until its team ends the 2007-08 season (and WSU finishes up, as well). When all that is done, though, if Bennett is not wearing his open collars on the IU sideline next year then the Hoosiers will have committed another costly turnover.

That seems a bit much. The Hoosiers are doomed if Sean Miller of Xavier or Brad Brownell of Wright State is hired?
The Washington State folks are getting defensive about it. Jack Evans of WSU's Scout site says Bennett isn't going anywhere, most because he recruited a kid from Oklahoma with a hardscrabble past. Yep. No coach would ever leave a recruit who placed his trust in the coach. This is college basketball, for goodness sake!