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UConn liveblog!

This is the first time I have tried this for basketball. We'll see how it goes.
Pregame thoughts:
  • The big news, of course, is that two of UConn's guards, Jerome Dyson and Doug Wiggins, have been suspended indefinitely.
  • I really loathe the "whiteouts." Crimson is a great color. Why would we want to erase it from the palate when we play a big game on national TV? Maddening. And perhaps it's my Knight-era old school notions, but the game should be about basketball. Wear what you want, cheer like crazy for the team. Assembly Hall doesn't need gimmicks.

First half:

  • 18:05. 6-0, timeout UConn. Nothing to complain about so far, except a quick foul on Gordon, again. DJ manufactured a nice look, although it didn't go in.
  • 16:43, 9-0. If they can't guard us on the perimeter, Thabeet won't matter.
  • First TV timeout. 9-1. Liveblogging basketball is hard. Not as much predictable dead time as football. All is well so far except for four personal fouls, one each against Gordon, White, White, and Bassett.
  • 9-3 14:22. You can tell that Thabeet is in their heads, but they are reacting smartly so far.
  • Connecticut's uniforms are hideous.
  • Second TV timeout, 15-9. Treading water for a few minutes, some bad bounces and bad decisions.
  • 7:26, 16-17. Shooting 5-19 from the field, not getting good shots, missing the few they get. Where's Eric Gordon?
  • 5:45--effective out of the timeout. Thomas had two good looks that he missed, nice move by Gordon.
  • 3:39. Tied at 19, now back to 19-24. Missing open shots, and lots of them. As Packer notes, Thabeet seems lost out there, and we haven't taken advantage.
  • 2:10 22-26. Bassett bailed us out with a 3, but about to give it right back by failing to rebound.
  • Holy crap. Someone finally fell for the count.
  • And wasted, just like every opportunity of the half.
  • 24-29 at halftime.

Halftime: Very ugly performance by IU against a talented but undermanned Connecticut team. IU is going to have to play very well in the second half to win, and to overcome the notion that the 17-1 record is the function of nothing but an easy schedule. IU is shooting terribly--4/22 from two point range, but 4-7 from three point range. UConn is shooting 46 percent from the field. Despite loads of misses, IU has onlt 4 offensive rebounds. Turnover problems are under control, but that's about it. Gordon is 2-8 from the field, White is 3-9. Armon Bassett is 2-3.

Second half:

  • Armon is keeping us in this game. And as many breaks as home teams often get from the refs, I hate to complain, but IU can't guy a FG and they miss a flagrant goaltend? Come on!
  • First TV timeout, 27-33. We have played 55 minutes against good teams this year, and have looked like garbage for about 52 of those minutes.
  • 36-31 Signs of life, now we need some rebounding.
  • Nice look, missed bunny, UConn makes us pay. Story of the game.
  • 40-31, under 12 minutes. We will lose badly. UConn played a tough game in Cincinnati Wednesdya, flew back to Connecticut, flew back to the midwest, and IU looks like the jetlagged team. I hope I'm wrong, but I think 36-31 was our last stand.
  • 10:10 42-37 As I said, we're just a couple of threes from getting back into this thing.
  • 7:22. Pathetic, pathetic performance.
  • Well, 44-52. Somehow we are staying just close enough to keep it interesting, but we have no answer inside.
  • 2:58, 50-56, Thabeet going to the line. Still sticking around.
  • 55-60, 1:27. Probably prolonging the agony, but so be it.
  • Good to see that Jim Burr still sucks. The smug grin is a nice touch.
  • Well, too bad we were so tenative for most of the game.
  • 45.4. And it's over. Gordon passed up an open shot well within his range and exacerbated it with a bad pass.
  • Yeah, I'm never doing this again. More later.