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The Connecticut game.

Connecticut Huskies
Current record: 13-5
Big East record: 4-3
Current RPI: 31
Current Sagarin: 28
2006-07 record: 17-14
2006-07 RPI: 110
2006-07 Sagarin: 69
Series: Connecticut leads 4-3
Last IU win: 1/20/07, 77-73 in Hartford
Last UConn win: 2/4/06, 88-80 in Bloomington
Last IU win over Uconn in Bloomington: 12/17/38 (71-38)
TV: 1 pm, CBS
Tomorrow's game is the fourth (and I believe final) game in the current contract with UConn. The Huskies won the first two games, once in Hartford and once in Bloomington, and IU won in Hartford last year (the IU media guide says Storrs, but that is incorrect--UConn generally plays its weekend home games in Hartford, and media reports indicate that last year's game was no exception). The Huskies haven't been their usual nationally prominent selves for the last couple of seasons, but still seem likely to make the NCAA Tournament, which will make them IU's toughest home opponent of the year so far. Thanks to the expansion of the Big East, the Huskies have been spending some time in the midwest: UConn lost at Notre Dame on January 5 and defeated Cincinnati by one on Wednesday.
UConn's offensive and defensive efficiency numbers are all above average, as would be epxected for a team with UConn's record. Offensively, the Huskies make up for so-so shooting from the field by taking care of the ball, grabbing offensive rebounds, and getting to the line (UConn is #1 in the nation in that category and IU is #6, so this could be a long game). On the defensive side, the Huskies don't force many turnovers and don't rebound terribly well, but they are #2 nationally both in block percentage and two point field goal percentage. Much of the media coverage focuses on the matchup between DJ White and UConn's 7-3 sophomore Hasheem Thabeet. Thabeet is a formidable shot blocker and must have a great deal to do with UConn's high ranks in blocked shots and two-point defense. He seems likely to be the key to the game.