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BTB Basketball Poll, week 3.

1. Indiana (16-1, 5-0). Last week: 1. It wasn't pretty, but IU survived at Minnesota and finally pulled away against Penn State.
2. Wisconsin (15-2, 5-0). Last week: 2. Strong performance against weak competition.
3. Purdue (13-5, 4-1). Last week: 3. As I said last week, I expect MSU to move back up here (and possibly beyond) eventually, but the Boilers have firmly established themselves in the top four until further notice.
4. Michigan State (16-2, 4-1). Last week: 5. No complaints about the Spartan performance this week, but I still can't forgive them for the Iowa game.
5. Ohio State (12-6, 3-2). Last week: 4. The Buckeyes look like the essence of mediocre. They will knock off some good teams at home, but I don't expect a meaningful road win.
6. Minnesota (12-5, 2-3). Last week: 5. The Gophers were competitive with two of the league's best, but couldn't defend their elevated homecourt.
7. Iowa (9-10, 2-4). Last week: 8. This season doesn't look as grim as it did a couple of weeks ago. Too bad the Hawks can't play a team from the state of Michigan every game.
8. Penn State (10-7, 2-3). Last week: 7. The Lions fought admirably in Bloomington, but eventually the loss of Claxton will catch up with them.
9. Illinois (9-10, 1-5). Last week: 10. The Illini finally won a game, but lost at Purdue. If the Illini are going to salvage their season, they need to start this week at Ohio State and against NU.
10. Michigan (5-13, 1-5). Last week: 9. Tough week upcoming for the Wolverines (Wisconsin and MSU), but at least they won't go 0-18.
11. Northwestern (6-9, 0-5). Last week: 11. The Wildcats were someone competitive in Madison and beat Chicago State in a non-conference game. Northwestern may not have a better week all season.