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BTB basketball poll, week 2.

1. Indiana (14-1, 3-0). Last week: 2. By default, really. IU and Wisconsin have played the same three teams. Wisconsin gets a slight edge on current resume, IU gets a bigger edge based on expectations and potential. This could change.
2. Wisconsin (13-2, 3-0). Last week: 3. The Badgers continue to roll, and had the league's best non-conference win over Texas.
3. Purdue (11-5, 2-1). Last week: 6. I don't expect the Boilers to remain this high, but their near-win at East Lansing and the fairly convincing home win over Ohio State puts the Boilers here for now.
4. Ohio State (12-4, 3-1). Last week: 4. Tough loss to Purdue, but the Buckeyes stay put, thanks to MSU's bad week.
5. Michigan State (14-2, 2-1). Last week: 1. It's hard to reconcile the Spartans' reputation and previous high ranking with the Purdue game or the awful loss at Iowa, a game where Iowa obviously controlled the pace.
6. Minnesota (12-3, 2-1). Last week: 5. The Gophers handed Penn State its first loss, and on the road. The only loss was a competitive game at MSU.
7. Penn State (10-5, 2-1). Last week: 7. The Lions must be disappointed that they dropped a winnable home game, but PSU remains firmly ahead of the Foul Four.
8. Iowa (8-9, 1-3). Last week: 9. Iowa could escape the bottom four if they keep playing tough defense and controlling the pace. They will have some good shooting nights, and the return of Tony Freeman seems to have helped the Hawkeyes.
9. Michigan (5-11, 1-3). Last week: 11. Well, it's something. I don't expect the Wolverines to remain ahead of Illinois, but for now, they have earned it with a road win.
10. Illinois (8-9, 0-4). Last week: 8. Illinois played well at IU, but 0-4 is 0-4. I think Illinois will creep back to number 8 as the season progresses.
11. Northwestern (5-8, 0-4). Last week: 10. Bill Carmody has to be in trouble, right? I really thought he would succeed at NU, but he certainly looks like a man with a pink slip in his near future. Where will NU go from here?