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Tempo free at the moment.

Ken Pomeroy's website, which I rely on heavily for team tempo-free stats, also maintains individual stats. Here's IU's page. The players' national rank in a particular category, if applicable, is noted in red. To get an idea of percentile, Pomeroy ranks 340 teams, which amounts to approximately 1700 players who are Division I starters. For reference, the Pomeroy's glossary page explains the terms better that I could. Here are some of the highlights for IU:
  • Eric Gordon (#81) and DJ White (#130) both rank highly in "effective field goal percentage," which essentially counts a two point shot as 1 and a three point shot as 1.5 (for the purposes of makes and total attempts). Ken notes: "It’s mostly players that shoot a lot of threes and shoot them well, but there are some post players that sneak in also." So, this ranking is a bigger deal for DJ than it is for Gordon. While IU has played a fairly weak schedule to date, consider that Andrew Bogut had an eFG% of 63 when he won player of the year.
  • DJ White ranks #76 nationally in defensive rebounding percentage. White is converting 23.6 of all defensive rebound opportunities when he is on the court.
  • Eric Gordon is #65 nationally with .71 free throw attempts per field goal attempt. Gordon makes over 83 percent of his freethrows, so clearly, he is on his way to a very efficient season if trends continue.
  • Jordan Crawford and Deandre Thomas both take lots of shots. Not surprisingly, Gordon leads the way, with 29 percent of IU's shots when he is on the court, but Thomas takes 28.4 and Crawford 27.1 (which may be skewed by his reduced number of games and his go-to role against UK in Gordon's absence).
  • The Pomeroy site contains an offensive rating system that is described as "complicated but accurate." According to that rating, Lance Stemler is the most efficient Hoosier with a rating of 123 (Gordon is at 121.8). Really, while Stemler still hasn't recovered his form of last year from behind the arc, his 8-24 from three point range isn't as bad as I would have guessed, and he is 10-16 from two point range and 7-8 from the line. Pomeroy notes that a rating of over 120 is excellent for a workhorse type player, and Gordon certainly fits the bill.