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The strange saga of Eli Holman continues.

Eli Holman's story is interesting and compelling. He overcame a tough upbringing and was suspended for a year of high school basketball for bumping an official. Despite all that, Eli comes across as mature and with a great perspective on where he has been and what he needs to do. Nevertheless, controversy and confusion seem to follow him. It is undisputed that Holman injured his wrist during practice last week, and he was on the bench in streetclothes (or a "prom suit," as Kelvin Sampson described it) alongside Armon Bassett and AJ Ratliff. What's unclear is whether Holman will play again this season. Here's what the Hoosier Scoop says:
Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson said after the game that he didn’t know the long-term outlook for Holman, who didn’t dress Saturday and had his wrist in a brace. Sampson said team doctors won’t be able to accurately diagnose Holman until the swelling goes down. They don’t think Holman has any broken bones but they fear ligament damage.
Holman, however, told fans after the game that he will have surgery Wednesday on his ligaments and will miss the rest of the season. Confronted with what Eli was saying to fans, an IU spokesman said that the team’s medical staff did not expect Holman to have surgery Wednesday.
Who knows?