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A quick look at Oklahoma State' history.

Before delving into the 2007 OSU Cowboys, I thought I would take a quick look at the program's history--the 2007 Insight Bowl is still three weeks away, after all.
Academically, Oklahoma State, which is the state's land grant school, bears more resemblance to Purdue than to IU. The school was known as Oklahoma A&M until 1957. Athletically, OSU is more similar to IU. OSU's basketball program, both recently and historically, is more accomplished than the football program. While many readers will recall the Cowboys' recent Final Four appearances under Eddie Sutton, OSU was a mid-century powerhouse under the legendary Henry Iba, who led the Cowboys to consecutive NCAA titles in 1945 and 1946. Here's the tale of the tape (with credit to Stassen and College Football Data Warehouse):
First year of football: IU: 1887; OSU: 1901
Wins (through 2006): IU: 430 (#88); OSU: 484 (#63)
Winning Percentage (through 2006): IU: .42601 (#101); OSU: .49035 (#84)
Previous bowl appearances: IU: 8; OSU: 17
Last Bowl appearance: IU: 1993 (Independence Bowl); OSU: 2006 (Independence Bowl)
Bowl wins: IU: 3; OSU: 11
Last bowl win: IU: 1991 (24-0 over Baylor in Copper Bowl); OSU: 2006 (34-31 over Alabama in the Independence Bowl)
Conference titles: IU: 2; OSU: 9
Last conference title: IU: 1967; OSU: 1976