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Oklahoma State by the numbers.

The Insight Bowl is just five days away, and with tonight's Motor City Bowl between Purdue and Central Michigan, the Big Ten's bowl season is underway. The bowl retrospectives will continue tomorrow, but it's time to take a look at the Cowboys statistically. As the look back at the Cowboys' season indicated, Oklahoma State has a pretty potent offense:
Record: IU 7-5; OSU 6-6
Conference record: IU 3-5; OSU 4-4
Sagarin: IU 61; OSU 43
Sagarin schedule strength: IU 83; OSU 20
Scoring margin: IU 379-321 (+58); OSU 401-351 (+50)
Total offense: IU: 393.3; OSU 484.1
Rushing yards per game: IU 155.6; OSU 245.8
Rushing yards per carry: IU 4.2; OSU 5.4
Passing yards per game: IU 237.8; OSU 238.2
Passing yards per attempt: IU: 7.1; OSU 8.1
Scoring offense: IU 31.6; OSU 33.2
Rushing touchdowns: IU 16; OSU 26
Passing touchdowns: IU 26; OSU 23
Interceptions: IU 11; OSU 9
Fumbles/lost: IU 38/18; OSU 21/11
Total defense: IU 394.2; OSU 446.7
Rushing yards per game: IU 155.4; OSU 154.7
Rushing yards per carry: IU 3.7; OSU 4.1
Passing yards per game: IU 238.8; OSU 292
Passing yards per attempt: IU 6.6; OSU 8.0
Scoring defense: IU 26.8; OSU 29.2
Rushing touchdowns: IU 20; OSU 20
Passing touchdowns: IU 18; OSU 25
Interceptions: IU 18; OSU 12
Fumbles recovered: IU 11; OSU 7
Field goals: IU 19/21; OSU 10/18
Punting (gross/net): IU: 37.8/35.1; OSU 42.5/34.9
Oklahoma State's offense is significantly better in nearly every offensive category, other than touchdown passes. On the other hand, IU's less-than-outstanding defense is consistently better than OSU's. OSU's defensive weakness (pass defense) is IU's strength. IU's defensive weakness, while a bit skewed by IU's strength of schedule, tended to be rushing defense, at least against strong, physical teams like Michigan State, Penn State, and Wisconsin. Rushing offense is OSU's strength. Like IU, a decent chunk of OSU produced a significant percentage of rushing yards from the QB position. Zac Robinson was second on the team with 125 attempts, 777 yards, and 7 touchdowns. Unlike IU, OSU had more success with a traditional running game: Dantrell Savage led the team with 1172 yards and 5.9 yards per carry. More on the individuals tomorrow.