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Gordon injury.

More on the game later, a lackluster 12 point win by what must have been a tired IU team. The main story, of course, is the injury to Eric Gordon, who left the game in the first half and returned to the sideline with an ice pack on his low back, but never returned to the game.
Terry Hutchens, because of a chance meeting with Gordon Sr. and Jr., has an update on his blog, an update that presumably didn't make the print version of the Star. The key quote:
About an hour after the game had ended, and everyone had left Assembly Hall, the Gordon's returned from the hospital and walked across the Assembly Hall court toward the exits. I asked his dad about the x-rays and he said they were negative. I then stumbled upon Eric Gordon in the hallway outside the locker room. He was walking with a noticeable limp but when I asked him how he was feeling, he simply said that he would be OK.
Worth reading the whole thing, but it doesn't appear that this will be a serious injury.