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Broadcast issues.

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IU enjoyed its best football season in 14 years, but because of the ongoing dispute between the Big Ten and various cable outlets, only one of IU's 12 games was widely available to most Indiana cable subscribers. Now that the Hoosiers have been rewarded with a bowl bid, the game is again on a cable network that isn't universally available, the NFL Network. Jason points out an article in the Indianapolis Star indicating that WXIN 59, the Indianapolis Fox affiliate, may be allowed to pick up the game. Nothing is certain yet, and the article suggests that WTTV 4 is to widely distributed to be an acceptable alternative. That is unfortunate. Although IU is within the Fox 59 viewing area, the game is of interest to the entire state. Hopefully they will work something out. In the meantime, Fox 59's phone number is 317-632-5900.