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Pomeroy's notes on Indiana.

I was hoping to preview Southern Illinois today but I won't get to it until tomorrow morning. The game isn't until 9:30 p.m. anyway. In other news, Ken Pomeroy at Basketball Prospectus has some brief comments about Indiana and the perception versus reality of Kelvin Sampson's recent teams at IU and OU. This isn't a long article, but this and Basketball Prospectus in general are well done and worth reading regularly. Also, while Pomeroy and co-BPer John (Big Ten Wonk) Gasaway have curtailed their independent blogs, Pomeroy still maintains his excellent tempo-free stat site on a daily basis. I rely on this site heavily and probably should cite it every time I write a preview or postgame post, but if you want to look at the stats yourself, here they are.