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Close to resolution on the coach question?

The Hoosier Scoop gets the scoop, as usual. This one is a little amorphous, and the H-T, despite the lessons learned by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, continues to hide its excellent IU content behind a subscriber wall. The headline is "IU president comfortable with Lynch's coaching candidacy." The entry notes that IU president Michael McRobbie is "not cool" to Lynch's candidacy (meaning he is fine with Lynch, not meaning "Lynch? Not cool!"). Further:
"He has sought advice on this from people inside the university and outside the university, as he should," Sample said Wednesday. "That should not be misinterpreted as being cool to Bill Lynch."
I'm not sure what this means. I would expect that if the president is involved, it is because the athletic director recommended a candidate or a course of action. If that's the case, it would be highly unusual for a president to reject an AD's recommendation. On the other hand, this is an unusual situation, so who knows?