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Ball State wrapup.

Yes, I know, it's Wednesday. See below. Here's the box score. Impressions:
  • Neither team ran the ball particularly well, although IU limited BSU to 67 yards 2.1 yards per carry (IU managed 108 and 3.5 per). IU continued the trend of quality run defense against non-Big Ten teams. I said before the game that I thought IU had an advantage in the trenches, and this seems to support that.
  • Both teams threw for a ton of yards (BSU: 345 yards and 7.1 yards per attempt; IU: 354 yards and 10.1 per). IU averaged 7.1 yards per offensive play to 5 per for Ball State. Ball State punted six times to IU's four. Certainly, IU was efficient, but even in the games that IU has won comfortably, teams have moved the ball well against us. This is a big, big concern against the potent offenses that IU faces in the final two weeks of the season.
  • The ridiculous and unacceptable turnover-fest continues. Three fumbles, two lost, one interception, against a MAC team with a below average defense. Kellen Lewis was responsible for all three turnovers. This just has to stop, or we will are going to go 6-6.
  • There are some questions that I can't really answer because I didn't see the game: how did Lewis fumble? Were Thigpen's awful rushing totals because of a botched trick play or a fumble recovery?

Overall, the Hoosiers won comfortably, but will have to improve to win again in 2007.