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Penn State in-game thread.

11:34. Damn. I wish I could say I saw that drive coming. We took whatever we wanted. Getting a lead in this game is big. 7-0 IU.
9:41. Big third down stop at midfield after PSU made some hay.
8:27. I like that play to Thigpen much better than the runs up the middle.
8:19. Damn, a score on this drive would have been nice, obviously.
7:28. That first ground scramble by Morelli could be crucial in this game. Unfortunate he got away.
6:44. And that's the Morelli we needed to see today. Thanks, Anthony!
5:52. Let's hope they quasi-single cover Hardy all day.
It's only fair to note that I love what they are doing with Thigpen today.
4:29. Well, at least we pinned them, but they are going to come alive at some point.
49. Nice third down plays for PSU on this drive.
FIRST QUARTER STATS: Pretty even, really. That INT into the interception was crucial, and now IU's defense is in a red zone spot again.
14:16. Nice third down TD pass my Morelli, but they missed the PAT. PSU did not bring its best game today. This is a golden opportunity.
12:51. Nice call on 4th down. The typical outcome for a punt there is a touchback, which is a 12 yard net. I respect a coach who understands that, but again, a squandered opportunity.
11:11 Big stop. We needed the defense off the field quickly, for once.
7:41 TD Thigpen. Love, love, ,love what they are doing with him today.
3:39 Disappointing. That was the Penn State I've expected to see all day. Now let's try to stick ona score before halftime.
2:48. Crucial sack. At the very least, we needed to run the clock out or pin them back. Now, they will have a good shot. They get thje ball in the second half, so this is a crucial moment.
:39. Out chance to win this game just decreased significantly. We had the ball with 3:39, and exactly three minutes later, they are in the end zone. Unacceptable. If they do something silly like squib kick, we need to take a shot.
HALFTIME STATS: Penn State has a comfortable lead in total yards, 266-197. IU has three rushing yards, which is a bit deceiving given the three sacks, but not much. Thigpen is 9-21 and Payton is 3-8. And IU has had some success with the short passing game. Still, IU had a chance to build a cushion in the first quarter and couldn't do so, and now we're up against the wall. A stop on the first PSU possession will allow IU to compete. Otherwise, look out.

13:48. Third and nine, key penalty, and we let them off the hook. I hope the team has more hope than I do right now.
12:33 I'm a sissy. Nice stop guys, now let's get that league back.
11:55. Breathtakingly awful decision by a senior and a four year starter. This one's over.
Lucky to dodge a bullet there, but Porter's decision made it a two possession game.
8:16 Really need to get the defense off the field, but yet another sack.
5:35 Really disappointing performance by the offense since the first couple of drives. I know we needed the three at some point, but geez. 2nd and 1?
5:35. Painfully stupid decision. A 15 yard penalty after the kickoff.
Well, Bryan Payton is fast.

13:57. Not Lewis's finest hour. Throw it away.
12:30 It's a shame, because the defense has played well in the second half.
What a letdown. The stats aren't going to tell the story of Lewis's performance today.