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MSU stats.

The Spartans have the look of an solid offensive team. Brian Hoyer is completing abotu 57 percent of his pass attempts with 10 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions. The Spartan running game will provide a challenge for IU's apparently improved defensive line: Javon Ringer averages 121 yards per game at 7.1 per carry (!) and 4 touchdowns. Jehuu Caulcrick averages 67.5 per game, 4.4 per carry, and has scored 10 touchdowns.
As for how the teams measure up? IU remains second in the Big Ten at 37.5 ppg, while MSU averages 34.3 (3rd). MSU is second in yards per game, IU is third. Both teams are well-balanced. MSU has 1331 rushing yards and 1380 passing yards; IU has 1211 and 1477. Defensively, IU remains in the middle of the pack with 20.8 points per game allowed; MSU allows 24.5. Both teams are middling in yards allowed; no unit is as conspicuous as was Minnesota's pass defense last week. Both teams allow 3.2 yards per run. Opposing quarterbacks complete over 62 percent of their passes against MSU, as opposed to 55 against IU.
Frankly, there isn't much to distinguish these teams. Given the venue, MSU's status as comfortable favorite seems warranted, but an IU win would be no surprise.