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MSU - in game post.

  • 17-7. This was the concern, of course. We can't stop them, and the 59 yarder almost worked against us. I actually breathed a sigh of relief when Dantonio kicked the FG. Anyone think they couldn't have had two yards against us?
  • Nice return on the 17-7 kickoff by Bailey, but hell, I'm almost glad Bailey was tackled. We need some plays from scrimmage to let the defense rest.
  • Austin Starr for all-American. Other than the one against Illinois, has hit hit a tougher one? 17-10, and if the defense finds a way to get a stop or a TO, we can stay in it.
  • First quarter stats: Sparty has an edge, 170 to 55, although Bailey's nice kick return skews that. 6.3 yards per rush for MSU.
  • 64 yard TD. We are going to lose very, very badly unless MSU starts making mistakes.
  • I like the BTN in principle, but the production can be brutal. I wonder if anyone on the crew knows that MSU's key competition for the Rose Bowl was IU? That might have been an interesting question.
  • I shouldn't complain, but why in the world would they pass on third and 3? The only thing our defense does well is rush the passer, and we can't stop the run? Thanks for outsmarting yourself, MSU.
  • Not good. Short possession, short field.
  • Nice stop, and the bomb to Hardy. Let's stay in this.
  • impressive pass rush by MSU.
  • Austin Starr has a deal with the devil. 24-13. Hanging on by a thread. How about a turnover here?
  • Just pathetic. We had them pinned and let the QB run for a first down.
  • We get the ball in half two. The whole complexion of the game depends on whether MSU scores here.
  • Nice little salvage job by the defense. Interesting that MSU called the timeout. Shot into the end zone seems more likely than a 50+ fg.
  • We got dominated, and we're down 11 with the ball. Could be worse.

Halftime stats: hideous. MSU has 15 first downs to 2. 295 yards to 194. 5-11 on third down to 0-4. 2-2 on fourth down. IU has a slight edge in passing yards, 68 to 63, but Hoyer is 12-14. Rushing, MSU has 232 to IU's 56. Lewis's opening run was 59 yards, so IU is in the negative in rushing other than the one play (of course, sacks come in to play on that total). Bailey's fumble on the kick return is the only turnover of the game. IU has run only 14 plays to 49 for MSU.

All that said, and it's an 11 point game. A touchdown drive by IU would make this a game again. I thought there were a couple of times where MSU took its foot off of IU's throat. We'll see if the Spartans pay for that.

  • Three and out to start the half. The defense is going to have to hang in there for another possession.
  • 31-13. Probably not our night. The half began exactly as it couldn't.
  • As if the running game isn't enough, Hoyer and his receivers have been very precise tonight, even against solid coverage.
  • 45-13. It's all over. This bloodbath is going to kill the crowd next week. The balding frat boys will stay in the parking lot, just like when they were students.
  • 45-20, long TD to Hardy. Just enough to keep me from turning it off, I guess.
  • Hmm. 45-28, Tracy Porter returns a fumble a long way.
  • Time of possession: 32 to 15. It's fairly amazing that the defense is still putting up a fight.
  • IU has not fared well in games in which bowl eligibility is on the line.
  • The clock will now run out, soon, hopefully.
  • Stats sometime tomorrow. A thorough beatdown.