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IU v. Minnesota: third quarter thoughts.

  • 14:11: Three and out. Perfect.
  • 13:54: Thigpen and Sears both out? Hmm. Lots of running backs on both sides getting hurt.
  • ~14:00Long gain by Fisher. Great start to the half.
  • Unless we have to settle for a FG.
  • 12:07. And now Payton's hurt. But jogging off.
  • 11:42. Let them off the hook. And now it's still a two possession game.
  • 10:00 We'll take it. Now let's finish these guys.
  • 8:30 At least we are getting our drops out of the way in a game where it may not matter.
  • 8:22 Again, poor production. The first down line has been off on numerous occasions today by 5-10 yards.
  • 6:55 Nice 15 yard gift.
  • 4:55 33-14. Another field goal. Oh well.
  • 4:55 "tackling in space." I swear, that term, which was unused a couple of years ago, has spread like Ebola.
  • 2:45 I know I sound like an Isiah Williams apologist, but what a huge number of easy drops today. Again, thankfully it seems unlikely to hurt us, at least.
  • 1:52 Can't coach that. Nice run, Kellen.
  • :14 Poor, poor, decision, and this game isn't over.
  • We are getting away with some things today that will hurt us down the road against a better team.

Third Quarter stats: IU has nearly doubled them up, 434/222. The Gophers' rushing numbers, in some part because of injuries, are not good, but IU is missing its top two backs as well. The recent Lewis INT was IU's first negative outcome of the day. Minnesota has punted five times, IU not at all. IU is averaging two yards per play more. Yet, thanks to that last INT and bogging down in the red zone, this game is not over.