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BTN: public tide turning against Comcast.

While stopping short of calling them the lying liars they are, Ed Sherman of the Chicago Tribune does concede:
The problem is Comcast doesn't have all the facts right.
Sherman further notes:
But the most egregious "spin" on Comcast's part is the assertion BTN is offering games ABC/ESPN didn't want. A Comcast Web site,, says columnists call them "fifth-tier games." That simply isn't true. This week, BTN is airing Purdue (5-1) at Michigan (4-2) and Indiana (5-1) at Michigan State (4-2). Does that sound like "fifth-tier games" to you?The fact is after ABC selects first, BTN receives the second or third choice of games during six weeks of the football season. While BTN President Mark Silverman won't disclose the actual selection process, you have to think the network used one of its second picks for Purdue-Michigan. Earlier this year, BTN had Illinois' big victory over Penn State. Certainly, Comcast subscribers in this area would have enjoyed being able to watch that game.And how about this for a game ABC/ESPN "didn't want"—either Wisconsin-Ohio State on Nov. 3 or Illinois-Ohio State on Nov. 10 will be on BTN. The Buckeyes have yet to play a league game on the network, a requirement for all schools. Ohio State's upcoming Big Ten games against Michigan State and Penn State already have been designated for ABC and ESPN or ESPN2, and the season finale Ohio State-Michigan showdown is a lock for ABC. That leaves either the Wisconsin or Illinois games to be aired on BTN.Both those games could have Rose Bowl, not to mention BCS implications. You have to think ABC/ESPN would have some interest in the one that airs on BTN.
Below are the links to the transcripts of a couple of Ann Arbor radio interviews, first of BTN president Mark Silverman and then of Comcast spokesboy Patrick Paterno. JoePa should be grateful. Even if the road rage allegations are true, his Walter Mathou routine still is only the second most embarrassing Paterno performance of the week.
Both are worth a read. Paterno sounds like a guy who has been told by his bosses to sell a line of BS. He's not telling the truth, and he knows it.