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Third quarter thoughts.

  • Phenomenally stupid play by Lewis. You have to get it past the line of scrimmage. Everyone knows that.
  • 12:09 Well, this is time for the defense.
  • And, a blocked punt. Sorry defense. This one could get out of hand.
  • Glen Mason thinks Illinois should rely on Williams's arm, yet IU should rely on Kellen's feet. That's why you're in the booth, Glen.
  • 11:00 That's the Isiah Williams we all know and love. Thank you.
  • 9:38 Wasted.
  • 8:25 need a three and out
  • 8:06 didn't get it.
  • 6:50 The defense is doing its part this quarter.
  • 6:39 F me. How often does a punt do that? Once a year?
  • 5:10 We just can't string together a handful of decent plays. Great run by Payton, two plays of crap.
  • Sounds like sour grapes, but that should have been a 15 yarder on the third down cheap shot. The ball flew in front of the defensive back's eyes.
  • 1:51 We're getting thrashed. We may find a way to win this, but we are going to need the Illini's help.
  • Atrocious, game ending call. He dropped it.
  • And Zook is fucking stupid enough to try to help us out. Why in the world are they throwing the ball? I'll take it.
  • :00 Sears is still on the team. Where has he been?

Stats through 3:

  • Yards: Illinois leads 314-266
  • Rushing: Illinois and 216 and 6.o per; IU has 111 and 4.1 per
  • Williams is 13-28 for 97 (2 INT); Lewis is 16-29, 155
  • Turnovers are now even.
  • We've punted 5 times, Illinois 4.