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Second quarter thoughts.

  • Touchback on the punt. Let's start over.
  • 14:08 First down on a busted play. The defense needs to get off the field. It's hot today.
  • 12:12 Atrocious production by the BTN.
  • 11:15 Illinois is doing whatever they want.
  • 10:25 Even Williams couldn't screw up that throw. Three different guys could have caught it. 13-0, and we're getting manhandled.
  • If I were Zook, I may well have gone for 2 this year. We can't stop these guys.
  • 9:22 Whew. 1st down run by KL. That could be a day-saver.
  • 8:37 So much for that. Again, Wayne's World caliber production from the BTN.
  • 7:30 Jesus. Blitz again. This guy cannot throw downfield!!!!
  • 5:10 Well, we're hanging on by a thread. We need a long scoring drive, and get the ball back in the second half. Come on!
  • 5:02 Nice gain, but we can't hold onto the ball.
  • 3:16 We needed that one, James.
  • 3:06Bloggers unite! Great run by Bryan Payton.
  • TD Hardy. Now the defense has to hold Illinois for 2:04. Man, Lewis threw some nice balls on that drive.
  • 1:35 a couple of good throws by Williams
  • Wiliams looked good on that drive.
  • What was that third down call? Even ultraconservative Glen Mason won't defend it.

Halftime stats:

  • 20 first downs for Illinois, 13 for IU
  • yards: Illinois leads, 265-211
  • Illinois rushing 178 yards, 6.8 per; IU 68, 3.8 per. IU did move the ball pretty well in the second quarter. The fumble was a killer.
  • Williams is now 12-20 for 97 yards. That means he was 10-14 in the quarter. Mostly dink and dunk, but a couple of nice downfield tosses in the late drive.
  • IU has three fumbles, two lost. Illinois has one turnover, the early INT.