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Saturday notes:

As I wait for the FSU-UAB game, just beginning the fourth quarter on ESPNU ahead of the IU game (this one is destined for quintuple overtime, no doubt):
  • Hey, look! Washington upset Boise State and likely will make a brief appearance in the Blogpoll before the Pac-10 gauntlet.
  • This could have been a disastrous day for the Big Ten. IU still has a chance to lose to a MAC team, and Minnesota and Northwestern were very fortunate to win at home against non-BCS opponents. NU looked good on the last drive, at least. The new uniforms are an improvement, as well.
  • Anyone want to guess on a point spread on the Michigan-Notre Dame game next week? I can't imagine where the oddsmakers will begin with that one. I don't think anything could surprise me. Either Michigan's defense will stop someone or ND's offense will string together three or four good plays, so at least that game will provide something new.