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First quarter thoughts.

  • 14:22 Thanks for the dying quail, Isiah.
  • 13:22 Damn. We need to exploit turnovers, not give it right back.
  • 12:20 Horrendous pass interference call.
  • 10:20 Field goal Illinois. Well, better than a TD, but we really needed to exploit that turnover. Let's just hope that Isiah keeps throwing it downfield and the refs stop bailing him out.
  • 10:20As promised, Zooker is kicking it away from Thigpen. The way he has played so far (drop and fumble) BFD.
  • 9:26 Now that's a real pass interference call.
  • 7:55Damn. Lewis sacked. Let's hope the defense can keep this a one possession game.
  • 7:42 Terrible, terrible punt. All you need is a decent 35 yarder and you pin them back. Jeesh.
  • 6:55 I know I picked on him too much this week, and I know he seems like a good kid, but Isiah Williams is an awful passer.
  • 6:30 No excuse. Dive play for first down on 3rd and 10.
  • Let's hope we don't have a controversial play in this game. The BTN's camera work isn't going to help.
  • 5:05 Williams does run the option well. His fakes are convincing.
  • 4:33 Too bad this isn't Oklahoma circa 1980. Williams cannot pass. They may beat us today, but Illinois isn't going to beat anyone at the top of the conference with this QB.
  • 4:29 Well, we've been pretty bad so far, and it's only 6-0. Let's get going.
  • 1:45. Hey, a good bounce! Let's not waste it.
  • 1:11 was means looking to throw that ball?
  • :41 That may be the first time Hardy has been on the TV screen today, let alone near the ball.
  • :32 We called a timeout for that?

End of quarter stats:

First downs: IU 5 Illini 7

Yards: IU 73, Illinois 86

Rushing: Illinois: 78 yards, 6.5 per; IU 22 yards, 2.2 per

Passing: Williams is 2-8, and hasn't thrown a good ball downfield. Lewis is 4-7 for 51, but nothing to show for it.

Mendenhall is 3-40.

Lewis has been sacked twice already.