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The season that was, game 8: Ohio State 44, Indiana 3.

Date: 10/21/06
Location: Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 105,267
Perhaps we all had some delusions of respectability in this game after the Iowa upset, but top-ranked OSU ended that pretty early, although not immediately. OSU gained 540 yards to IU's 165. The Buckeyes allowed IU only 7 rushing yards. Still, this one was fun for most of the first quarter. IU received the opening kickoff, managed a decent 7 play, 23 yard drive, and then OSU was 3 and out. IU scored a field goal on its second possession and again forced the Buckeyes to punt quickly. OSU scored touchdowns on its next three possessions, and that was that. The Hoosiers and Buckeyes don't play until 2009, so there's not much point in saying much more.