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Noblesville recruit game; Football day 3

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I thought about making the trek to Noblesville for the closest recruit game to Indianapolis, but ultimately the game was a bit of a letdown for those in attendance: for academic reasons (edit: just to avoid any mass hysteria, the "academic reasons" were summer class obligations, not any sort of eligibility issue), the two biggest stars of the incoming class, Eric Gordon and Jamarcus Ellis, did not play. That's a valid reason, of course, but I would have been a bit disappointed if I made the trip.
As for the football Hoosiers, Doug Wilson was there, as usual. Doug reports that Kellen Lewis, James Bailey, and Brandon Walker-Roby all looked impressive on the offensive end. I recall hearing specualtion that Walker-Roby was not going to be back this year for whatever reason, but obviously he is, and hopefully he can follow in his brother's footsteps.