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Morgan Burke: team player.

I thought this little nugget from a Lafayette J-C article on the BTN was interesting/frustrating:
The Big Ten Network makes its much-hyped debut tonight, but here's the burning question: How many people will be able to see it? Don't feel bad if you can't watch. Purdue University's athletic director, Morgan Burke, won't be able to sit at home and enjoy the opening night either.
Say what? Morgan Burke, highly compensated Purdue University employee, affluent former steel company executive, hasn't made the leap to DirecTV? It gets better:
Comcast, which will eventually service most of the Lafayette area after assuming control from Insight Communications in January, is the biggest cable company to resist the Big Ten Network. Comcast has 5.7 million subscribers in the eight-state Big Ten region.
Morgan Burke either is or soon will be a Comcast subscriber? After all this? How can this be? Does the cattle husbandry barn obstruct the Burke manor's view of the southern sky? If not, cut down a couple of trees and get with it!