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Media day coverage.

Not much time today, but here are a few articles of note:
  • This isn't media day content, but is a nice column from Rick Bozich of the Louisville C-J about Bill Lynch.
  • Injury update from the Hoosier Scoop: none of the three injuries reported yesterday are serious. Hardy will miss a couple of weeks; Sexton has migraines but hopes to be back today; Greg Brown will be out for a week or so.
  • Kellen Lewis article from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.
    "It’s kind of weird. Last year I went from third string to starter to even when I was the starter, I was the youngest guy in the (quarterback) meetings. Now I’m the oldest guy, and I’m only 20," the sophomore said Monday. "Any time we start to get down (or) can’t get something going on, I’ve got to pump (my teammates) up."