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Injuries galore at practice.

Doug Wilson's ever-helpful Hoosier Scoop blog reports three injuries:
  • James Hardy broke his finger and will miss two weeks. Unfortunate, but not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. James is entering his third year as a starter and should have a few days to get used to catching the ball before the September 2 opener.
  • More troubling is the injury to Greg Brown, a redshirt junior who started all 12 games at defensive tackle last year. According to Doug, Brown was injured yesterday morning and returned wearing a sling to watch the afternoon practice. Brown is IU's leading tackler among returning defensive lineman, and improvement in all aspects of defensive play is crucial to IU's fortunes this year.
  • Nick Sexton, expected to start at tight end, is out with an unspecified injury.

Doug reports that today is media day, so there should be some good coverage tonight and tomorrow.