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Day two of football practice; other notes.

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  • Doug Wilson has a nice report on the second day of fall practice. As he notes, the media access so far is the opposite of what happened during the spring. The good: James Bailey may be emerging as Reggie Wayne to James Hardy's Marvin Harrison; construction is progressing on the HEP Center. The bad: lots of shanks from the two punters, true freshman Chris Hagerup and redshirt senior Michael Hines. When I wrote my season preview for Hawkeye State, I said that Chris Hagerup was the only punter listed on the roster, that was technically true (Hines is listed as a K), but apparently not really accurate. In four years on campus, Hines has played in only one game (a solitary punt at Michigan in 2005), but with Tyson Beattie holding down the job for four years, it's not surprising that Hines hasn't played much. I'm not sure if he is a walk-on or scholarship player.
  • IU's recruit barnstorming tour makes its only Indy-area stop tonight, 7 p.m. at Noblesville High School.
  • The Big Ten Network added Roger Twibell, Mark Neely, Jim Kelly, Ron Thulin, Scott Graham, Mike Tomczak, Derrick Walker, Butler By'not'e (Ohio State running back) and Richard Baldinger to its on-air roster for football coverage. This means we now have a reason to say and write "Butler By'not'e, " which is one of the great names in Big Ten history.