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Big Ten media day.

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Lots ands lots of stuff out there today.
  • Teddy Greenstein discusses Jim Delany's press conference. Greenstein says that "outrageous" Jim gave way to "reasoned" Jim. I suppose that's good, but it means Delany downplayed talk about expansion, adding a bye week, the evil nature of Comcast, the SEC letter, and a plus-one playoff.
  • Nothing terribly groundbreaking from IU coach Bill Lynch. Emotion during games won't get it done, Lynch says; the seniors will decide how to honor Hep on the helmets and uniforms. Also, it appears that the Star was too cheap to send a photographer to Chicago or even to buy an AP photo.
  • Unsurprisingly, Michigan was picked to finish first. Wisconsin, somewhat surprisingly, is picked to finish second, with OSU in third.