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Slow news days.

Not much at all is happening in the college sports world these days. In the next few days, I plan to begin a series of posts discussing the good, bad, and ugly of each of IU's 2006 games. If I had been writing the blog last year, I probably would be linking to the old posts, but this year I get to start from scratch. In other news:
  • Former IU women's basketball player Jenny DeMuth,ranked seventh on IU's career scoring list, is now an assistant at IUPUI.
  • The Hoosier Scoop has tracked down a brochure for IU's Bahamas trip. IU will play once on Friday, twice on Saturday, and once on Sunday. NCAA rules prohibit missing class time for such tournaments, and because IU, unlike many schools, holds classes on Labor Day, the team will have to hurry back after the Sunday game.