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Ronny Thompson resigns at Ball State.

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BSU coach Ronny Thompson, lesser known son of former Georgetown coach John Thompson, Jr. and brother of current Georgetown coach John Thompson III, has resigned at Ball State. This isn't really IU-related (BSU is a frequent IU opponent, I guess), although it will be interesting to see if IU assistant Ray McCallum shows any interest in returning to BSU. McCallum is something of a Delaware County legend. He probably is the greatest player in Ball State history and led Muncie Central to back-to-back state championships in 1978 and 1979. McCallum did a nice job at Ball State and was an excellent recruiter, most notably somehow keeping fellow Muncie Central alum Bonzi Wells in Muncie for college. Certainly, he has emerged as a key part of IU's recruiting success under Sampson (who hired him at Oklahoma after McCallum was fired at Houston), but if old alma mater gives him a call in this tough situation, it would have to be tempting.
Thompson recently came under fire for NCAA violations regarding offseason workouts and racist notes were found under the doors of Thompson and various other basketball staff members, despite no signs of forced entry. There are loads of interesting rumors flying around about this matter, and it's a story worth following.