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More McCallum speculation.

Doug Wilson at the Hoosier Scoop suggests that McCallum is the people's choice in Muncie. I disagree with one thing that Doug says:
Andy Katz’s sources — who are, because he’s Katz and he works for ESPN, as strong as anyone’s — say that if McCallum is offered the job, he’ll take it.
The IU coaching search of a couple of years ago taught us a that sources who think they are in the know often aren't; and that many media types will publish nearly any rumor. Katz is a connected insider, but these coaching searches result in an astounding level of false reporting, and no one is ever called on it.

Doug goes on to explain why he is skeptical about whether McCallum would make a move right now. As I said earlier, while McCallum might not make a move under ordinary circumstances, it's easy to imagine the strong pull of one's alma mater in need. Ball State is in a tough spot right now.