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McClurg, Edmundson arrested for some really stupid crap.

It looks as if IU will earn some Fulmer Cup points this offseason. Senior Hoosiers Adam McClurg (returning starter/captain(EDIT: per Ken Bikoff at Rivals, captains have not been selected for 2007, so this is inaccurate)) and Sean Edmundson (little-used offensive lineman) tried the old ride-and-dash with a cab driver who transported them (and a University of Indianapolis football player) from a downtown Indianapolis bar to Greenwood. Weak, weak move. Embarrass yourself, your families, and your teammates over a lousy $39 cab fare ($13 a piece). Strangely enough, another Big Ten football program addressed a cab fare-related incident this week. Must be the gas prices.
It will be interesting to see how Lynch handles this. Skipping out on cab fare isn't as serious as domestic violence, drunk driving, or a bar fight. On the other hand, the premeditated (they gave a phony address), petty, and stupid nature of the crime cries out for some sort of discipline. A slap upside the head, at least.