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Interview of Mark Silverman.

Mike Pegram of IU's Rivals site just posted an extensive interview of Mark Silverman, president of the BTN. Peegs did a great job. This is by far the most extensive comment I have seen from the BTN concerning the specific nature of the programming. If my BTN posts do not cause your eyes to glaze over, I highly recommend that you read the whole thing. The highlights:
  • DirecTV will have all of the regional feeds.
  • Except during the pre-conference portion of the football season, the BTN hopes to avoid regionalizing the coverage--for instance, they will stagger the start times of Wednesday evening basketball games to allow all games to air on the BTN.
  • The BTN will air classic games. Because the once-great Classic Sports Network has trasformed into the ESPN Poker/Boxing/Movie Network, this is good news.