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Good news for Eli?

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This story is a few days old, but for anyone who missed it, things do appear to be looking up for Eli Holman. As I have mentioned before, Eli seems to be quite an amazing young man despite a really tough background, and it would be great to see him on the court this year. This Terry Hutchens article from last week provides some reasons for optimism:
One of his high school coaches said Friday that Holman has qualified and it's just a matter of the Clearinghouse making it official. The Clearinghouse will announce his eligibility status by late August. "It's our understanding that he has qualified, but it isn't official until the Clearinghouse says so," said Leonard Coleman, an assistant coach at Richmond (Calif.) High School. "Eli was able to improve his test score, and his grade-point average was already strong. "I know that Eli worked really hard after basketball season to get his academics in order. He was pretty much a hermit. He stayed in his house and prepared for the SAT, and he worked hard in the classroom, too."
This info, plus Eli's presence on campus and in summer school, would seem to be positive signs. Let's hope that the athletic department's math skills have improved. George Leach, long -suffering IU fans will recall, had to sit out his first year because he was 10 points shy of a qualifying SAT score. He took the SAT only once and would have had ample opportunities to take the test again had he not been erroneously informed by IU that he had the score he needed.
I've mentioned it before, but here is the link to the audio of Mark Monteith's interview of Holman (warning: audio begins automatically).