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DJ White makes the Pam Am Games roster.

I have to confess that I didn't even realize that the Pan-Am Games were still around. Perhaps they were never a big deal at all, but I just remember them such because the 1987 games in Indianapolis were considered such a huge part of the redevopment of downtown Indianapolis. In any event, DJ White has made the roster and will play for the United States in Rio De Janiero in late July. Here's the roster:
Roy Hibbert (Georgetown), Wayne Ellington (North Carolina), Shan Foster (Vanderbilt), Kyle Weaver and Derrick Low (Washington State), Eric Maynor (VCU), Bryce Taylor and Maarty Leunen (Oregon), Josh Carter (Texas A&M), D.J. White (Indiana), Drew Neitzel (Michigan State), Scottie Reynolds (Villanova), James Gist (Maryland) and Joey Dorsey (Memphis).
DJ will get to team up with MSU's Neitzel, one of the Big Ten's top returning players, and Scotty Reynolds, a Kelvin Sampson recruit released from his LOI by Oklahoma after Sampson left for IU.
EDIT: Apparently I'm jumping the gun. Two more players will be cut from the roster.