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Some sort of word on Hoeppner today.

All indications are that IU will be making some sort of announcement today concerning Coach Hoeppner. Doug Wilson of the Herald-Times seems to be the only mainstream media source reporting this (Hutch scooped again! Shocking!) with some message board scuttlebutt as well. No one, from Wilson to mac624 to anyone else, seems to know what is going to be announced. It's hard to know what all of this means. The timing of the announcement would suggest a return, but IU is being so tight-lipped about this that it's hard to think it will be good news. These words from Wilson are interesting:
athletic director Rick Greenspan and president Adam Herbert will hold a
press conference, probably Friday afternoon, regarding Hoeppner.
Does that mean Hep won't be there? It's hard to imagine that he wouldn't be there if it were good news. In any event, I will be away from the computer for most of the day but presumably I'll have something to say about this tonight.